Online Banknotes Auction #61 - Numismatica Ibercoin 18 January 2022

Spanish Bank Notes, Euro Bank Notes, Spanish Colonies Bank Notes, Lots and collections and Bibliography.

124th Silver Auction - Savoca Numismatik GmbH 23 January 2022

Celtic, ancient greek, roman provincial, roman republic, roman empire, byzantine, mediaeval, islamic and world coins.

Winter 2022 Auction - Part I - Green Apple 28 January 2022

World Paper Money

Winter 2022 Auction - Part II - Green Apple 29 January 2022

World Paper Money

125th blue auction - Day 1 - Savoca Numismatik GmbH 29 January 2022

Celtic, ancient greek, roman provincial, roman republic, roman empire

125th blue auction - Day 2 - Savoca Numismatik GmbH 30 January 2022

Roman empire, byzantine, middle age and some large lots

ASTA V - Riccardo Paolucci LLC 20 February 2022

Greek Coins - Roman Coins - World Coins - Falsi da studio - Orologi - Letteratura Numismatica

5 day sale of Antiquities & Coins - Session II - TimeLine Auctions Limited 21 February 2018

Antiquities, Coins & Medals

Online Auction 7 - Tauler&Fau Subastas 20 February 2018

Ancient, Spanish and World Coins and Banknotes.

Online Auction 8 - Editions V. GADOURY 15 February 2018

NO SALE FEES Medals & Monetary weights (poids monétaires) Collection of french Medals including some rare medals of Louis XIV, Louis XV and Napoléon. Italian and Vatican medals, from Benedictus XI to Jean Paul II.

E-Live Auction 53 - Bertolami Fine Arts 11 February 2018

Numismatic Literature: a wide selection of 878 lots of books and Auction Catalogues. In association with LAC (London Ancient Coins Ltd)

E-Live Auction 52 - Bertolami Fine Arts 04 February 2018

A selection of Ancient Coins: from the Greek World to Papal Medals. Including the marvellous Normans Collection: Sicilian and Southern Italy Medieval Coinage

Auction 41 - Bertolami Fine Arts 20 January 2018

Medieval and Modern Coins and Medals

Monaco 2017 - Editions V. GADOURY 02 December 2017

Asta Numismatica a Monte-Carlo, Monete antiche e moderne di tutto il mondo

Auction N°3 - MDC Monaco 01 December 2017

Ancient, Modern and World Coins

Aurora Asta Live 11 - Aurora Numismatica 19 November 2017

Un'asta battuta in diretta internet, senza sala. 466 lotti di medaglie, monete, cartamoneta e lotti multipli

Aurora Asta 10 - Aurora Numismatica 18 November 2017

c/o Villa d’Este Via Della Repubblica 64 Reggio Emilia