Emax.bid (www.emax.bid) is an online Platform created to serve the needs of collectors of coins & medals and other valuables.

Emax.bid is owned by da Vinci Srls, Via San Vincenzo 2, 16121 Genova, Italy, website: www.davinci.team, email address: info@davinci.team, as described on the Imprint on the page footer of the website www.emax.bid.

Our goal is to help collectors to find items of interest in auctions or shops of a selection of world's auctioneers and dealers. Emax.bid Platform allows collectors to be always updated and to easily reach every single auction or shop they are interested in.

Emax.bid Platform has been designed for collectors, with a clean, easy to understand layout and features: through Emax.bid Platform You can enjoy and learn more about Your hobby. We provide a full functional Platform through which You can not only view a large selection of catalogues, but also submit bids, create Your own WatchList to track lots/bids and save Your own Searches for the items You are interested in. Additional useful functionalities for collectors will follow in the next months.

Many auctioneers publish hard-copy catalogs (printed auction catalogues) and mail them to their clients. These catalogues typically contain high quality coins and the auctions are conducted in live sessions. On Emax.bid Platform You can now browse the contents of many of these auction catalogs, view magnified images of the lots, and place You maximum bid online before the auction, in an easy to use and consistent way.

Without registering with Emax.bid Platform, You can view and navigate all catalogues of the auctioneers and dealers featured on Emax.bid Platform.

By registering with Emax.bid, You will create Your Emax.bid unique account, which will allow You to easily bid on auctions and buy on shops through the Emax.bid Platform.

Logging In Emax.bid Platform, You can submit Your maximum bid on Auctions published on Emax.bid Platform. Your maximum bid is the highest amount You are willing to bid on a specific lot, in accordance with the auctioneer’s Terms and Conditions. In addition, by Logging In Emax.bid Platform, You can also submit Your purchase requests on Shops published on Emax.bid Platform. You can request to buy an Item on sale on the Emax.bid Platform for the price requested by the dealer. Purchase requests are communicated by Emax to the dealer and the Item is sold by the dealer to You, in accordance with the dealer’s Terms and Conditions.


da Vinci Srls  (the owner of Emax.bid Platform) provides online auction and shop content and related services on Emax.bid Platform. The Emax.bid Platform is only a means of communication to view content and/or to submit bids or purchase requests in auction sales or online shops. da Vinci Srls is not an auctioneer, nor an online seller. Therefore, da Vinci Srls is not a party to the contract for sale and purchase entered into between You, the bidder, and the auctioneer or the seller.

By submitting a bid or a purchase request, You are entering into a contract with the auctioneer or with the dealer, in accordance with auctioneer’s or dealer’s Terms and Conditions, not with da Vinci Srls (the owner of Emax.bid Platform). In addition, be aware that any winning bids may be subject to a buyer's fee (typically 10-25%), local taxes (VAT) if applicable, shipping fees and bank fees.

da Vinci Srls is not in control of the information made available by auctioneers or sellers which you access via the Emax.bid Platform. da Vinci Srls cannot therefore make any representations, warranties or guarantees in connection with what the auctioneer or seller may offer for sale through the Emax.bid Platform.

Please read carefully Emax Terms and Conditions and Emax Privacy Policy, both on the page footer of the website www.emax.bid, to have a complete view of Terms and Conditions that are accepted by all persons using the Emax.bid Platform.