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  Greek world and ancient Near East

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Sasanian Kings of Persia, Bahram II with Queen and Prince 4, Drachm, ca. AD 276-293; AR (g 4,57; mm 27; h 3); Jugate busts r. of Bahram, wearing crown, and his queen, wearing bonnet with boar's head, facing the bust of his son (Prince 4) l., who wears bonnet with eagle's head and presents wreath; around, legend in Pahlavi, Rv. Fire altar with ribbon; flanked by Bahram and his queen, holding ring; fravahr to l. of flames; around, legend in Pahlavi. SNS type VIIc(1)/5a(1a), Style A; Sunrise 789. Scarce. Lightly toned, about extremely fine - extremely fine. Ex ACR Auctions 15, 27 April 2015, lot 205.