Morton and Eden

Morton and Eden | Auction 103 | 24 October 2019

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  • Starting price: £8,000 (GBP)
  • Realized: £10,000.00 (GBP)
UMAYYAD, TEMP. ‘ABD AL-MALIK B. MARWAN (65-86h) Dirham, Bihqubadh al-A‘la 79h Weight: 2.50g Reference: Klat 194, same dies. Slightly clipped and minor deposit, otherwise good very fine and excessively rare. The present coin is struck from the same pair of dies used to strike both specimens recorded by Klat. There were in fact three different Bihqubadh mints active in UMAYYAD times, which appear on the coinage as Bihqubadh al-‘Ala (Upper Bihqubadh), Bihqubadh al-Asfal (Lower Bihqubadh) and Bihqubadh al-Awsat (Central Bihqubadh). The three Bihqubadh districts were located in Iraq, to the west of the Euphrates. Bihqubadh al-‘Ala is the rarest of the three, and was unknown to Walker. It was made up of six smaller sub-districts, including the ruins around the ancient city of Babylon.