Morton and Eden

Morton and Eden | Auction 103 | 24 October 2019

Online bidding ends: 24 October 2019 11:00



  • Starting price: £480 (GBP)
  • Realized: £500.00 (GBP)
UMAYYAD, TEMP. AL-HAJJAJ B. YUSUF Bronze weight, uniface, for 7/10ths of a dinar Obverse: bismillah | amr al-amir a- | l-Hajjaj ibn Yu- | suf bi’l-wa- | fa hadha miz- | an saba‘t Reverse: plain with seven punch-marks Weight: 2.51g Reference: cf Morton & Eden auction 92, 26 April 2018, lot 26. Pierced, otherwise about very fine with clear legends, very rare. The term mizan saba‘t on this piece identifies it as a dirham weight, this being defined as 7/10ths of the canonical dinar, which also explains the seven punch-marks on the reverse of the piece.